BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme: Call for Outstanding Postdocs and Experienced Mentors working in Translational Medicine 14 annual postdoc positions offered by the BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme located at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen, in 2021, 2022 & 2023.

Dette job er udløbet

Do you have a research project that cuts across basic research, clinical research and/or the pharmaceutical industry – or would you like to be part of one? The BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme offers a few select graduated PhDs a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in translational medicine. Appointed fellows will start September 1st, 2021.

In succession of Novo Nordisk Foundation’s recent recognition of the BRIDGE programme’s accomplishments the BRIDGE Programme at the University of Copenhagen now offers 14 annual postdoctoral fellowships in translational medicine to bridge the gap between current research traditions, clinical practices and the life science industry

A BRIDGE fellowship is a unique postdoctoral programme consisting of three core elements: education, mentoring and research. Together with the Mentor Team, BRIDGE fellows conduct research projects in the cross field between research, clinical practice and pharmaceutical industry, at the same time taking courses that enable fellows to build bridges between different players in healthcare.

Job description
The two-year postdoctoral training programme aims to create a translational ecosystem by training and educating a cadre of translational fellows to drive translational and clinical research at the highest level, to improve the medical care, health and quality of life of patients. The training and education provided during the two-year appointment to the BRIDGE Programme have been uniquely developed and planned to guarantee the best opportunities for the fellow to gain both academic knowledge and practical skills within the field of translational medicine.

Appointed fellows will spend 80 % of the time on their own translational research projects mentored by an experienced Mentor Team consisting of a basic biomedical scientist and a clinical scientist from a hospital or the life science industry. Fellows will spend 20 % of the time on mandatory courses from the Academic Curriculum covering the translational stages T0 to early T2 as well as generic skills such as research management and leadership, ethics, grant writing, media training and communication.

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The application deadline is February 28th, 2021.

Excellent mentoring is pivotal to succeeding in obtaining a BRIDGE fellowship. The collaboration with a Mentor Team starts as soon as you consider applying for a fellowship as the application needs to be co-designed with the Mentor Team. The co-design ensures well-structured project management and research design including collaborations, budget, funding and technical assistance, etc.

The Mentor Team consists of two to three mentors. One mentor must represent the basic biomedical science environment at Faculty of Health and Medical Science at UCPH and the other needs to be a clinical researcher working in Region H or Region S. You may also include a third mentor from the life science industry. All mentors need to at least be appointed at the level of Associate Professor or equivalent.

The Mentor Team will guide fellows in day-to-day tasks related to the research project and the Mentor Team will also take part in the BRIDGE network, bridging the basic biomedical science and clinically oriented environments with the life science industry.

Candidates must apply for the fellowship together with a Mentor Team listed on the BRIDGE website. All Mentor Teams need to sign up on the BRIDGE website before January 31st, 2021 in order to be listed.

Both mentors need to complete: a 1) Mentor CV, and, in collaboration with the applicant, the 2) Project synopsis.

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Applicant qualifications

Basic requirements:

  • Applicants must have an MD and a PhD or equivalent (proof of an appointment that requires doctoral equivalency). Specialist training is no hindrance to apply, and medical training is appreciated.
  • Applicants must have an MSc and a PhD within a relevant discipline such as veterinary science, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, pharmacy, dentistry or medical engineering.
  • As a PhD student you may apply, provided that you attach a declaration from your supervisor stating that your thesis will be submitted and defended prior to project commencement September 1st,
  • Your PhD must have been awarded less than 5 years before the application deadline of the fellowship. Documented periods of leave (parental leave, leave due to sickness and military service) will be deducted from the time of the awarded PhD-degree.

Additional requirements:

Applicant must be:

  • A good match with a committed Mentor Team.
  • Scientifically independent, having a high degree of academic maturity.

and have:

  • A strong CV, preferably having published in high-quality journals and presented at international conferences.
  • Experience with project management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and management skills with the ability to effectively communicate research ideas and results to a broad audience.

BRIDGE offers:

  • To complete more than a traditional postdoc – BRIDGE offers a unique scientific and social environment of fellow scientists of great diversity
  • To tap into the basic biomedical and clinical departments
  • To benefit from the network and expertise of seasoned mentors and join two research groups – instead of just one
  • 15 courses within Translational Medicine subjects
  • An opportunity to gain insight from life science industry guest speakers about drug development, innovation and career trajectories, and site-visits
  • To join the Translational Ecosystem of fellows, mentors, course leaders, guest speakers & stakeholders across all three sectors

Financial composition of the fellowships
The fellowships cover salary in accordance with the collective agreement between AC (Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) and the Ministry of Finance. The financing of running costs for the individual research projects will be covered by the hosting environments. Each fellow will in addition receive an annual sum of DKK 50.000 during their two-year employment to cover costs for PC, travel, language courses, participation in meetings and conferences, and activities not offered within the programme.

Successful fellowship recipients will be enrolled in the BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme and employed at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The University of Copenhagen wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

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