Health Care Language Enhancers The Exfluency™ Way

Dette job er udløbet

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein, German philosopher

“Blockchain, AI, Trust Chain™, Machine Learning, Peer-to-Peer, a payment token, hourly fees, a user-friendly monolingual editor designed for Subject Matter Experts, and a secure haven for confidential data … Exfluency™ represents a unique value proposition.” – Robert Etches, CEO Exfluency

Exfluency™ is seeking Health Care Language Enhancers  

For a client operating in the Health Care sector, Exfluency™ is assembling a community of bilingual Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to enhance translations.

Working with Exfluency™ – What, How, Where, and When?

14 words…

On average, we have found that when we take any piece of content and run it through our new, extensively tried and tested workflow, only 14 words out of every 100 actually need changing to make that understanding possible.

The trick, however, is finding which 14 words…

This is where you come in…


Because with your knowledge and expertise, you will know precisely which 14 words need changing. You’re the expert here.


  • Work in a user-friendly, propriety monolingual editor
  • Build an immutable reputation through Trust Chain™
  • Set your own fees; prompt payment
  • Select projects when it suits you
  • Work from anywhere – sofa, home office, coffee bar
  • Earn cryptocurrency: XFL (the Language Coin) – the more language you create, the more XFL you earn


  • A working knowledge of more than one language
  • Expertise in the Health Care sector in fields such as:
  • Drug safety
    • Drug literature
    • Safety reporting
    • Discharge summaries
  • Clinical trials
    • Informed consent form
    • Regulatory
    • Protocol
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Central Nervous System
    • Internal Medicine
    • Oncology
    • Clinical trials legal
    • Drug Labelling

You are:

  • Bilingual
  • Employed in the Health Care sector / Studying in the Health Care sector / Retired from the Health Care sector
  • A linguist specialising in the Health Care sector

You enjoy:

  • The buzz of being involved in new research
  • Contributing to communicating new science in your language
  • Earning additional income while acquiring new knowledge

You will liaise with:

  • The Exfluency™ Community Management team


  • Hourly rates

All enquiries should be sent to Senior Community Manager Marta Fabin at, and marked Health Care Enhancer.